Become a Referee

Program Name: IAABO Certification Course
Course cost: $200.00

Are you interested in becoming a certified IAABO referee?

There are two parts to the course:
1. Online Training (Visit IAABO to sign up)
2. On court (floor) training

Online Training Course: We have transitioned the training to a fully
online self-directed study course. The course will cover all aspects of refereeing and will provide the knowledge necessary to successfully pass the IAABO written exam.  We will augment the on-line training with in-person sessions as schedules permit.

On Court Floor Training: The floor training sessions allow the student to apply what they learned during their online training. The floor sessions will begin with fundamental referee training (signals, positioning, coverage area) and transition to simulated game situations. We move from there to live youth game action where you will learn how to work with your partner and receive live feedback from certified referees. During live youth games, the student is paired with a certified referee who provides immediate feedback.

At the end of the floor training sessions, the student will be tested during a live game. Upon successful completion of the floor exam, the student will be “patched” and will be eligible to officiate high school and middle school games.

Please reach out to Kathy Brady at if you have any questions.