IAABO Board 208
South Central Massachusetts
Announcements: New candidate introduction information
Program Name: IAABO Certification Course
Gender: Men & Women

Are you interested in becoming a Certified High School Basketball Official? Are you a coach who
would like to learn more about the National Federation High School Basketball rules?

Course Description: There are two parts to the course, classroom and floor work.  There are 10
classroom sessions which cover all of the NFHS basketball rules followed by a written exam.  If the
student successfully passes the written exam, they will be eligible to begin floor work training. During
the floor work training students will learn proper signals, mechanics and positioning.  At the end of
the floor work session, there will be a floor work exam.  Upon successful completion of both the
written exam and the floor work exam, you will be eligible to officiate basketball games as a certified
IAABO official.  

IAABO 208 will be holding an
informational meeting on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 7:00 PM at
Milford HS.
 All interested parties should go to the main entrance of the high school and they will be
directed to a classroom.  You may contact either Larry Machione
larrymachione@outlook.com or
Richie Vitali
rpv208@comcast.net with any further questions.