South Central Massachusetts Board of
Approved Basketball Officials,
Board 208
WEB sites:
Should any officials have an incident involving the post game handshake, unsporting behavior by fans or
game participants, or any compromise of their personal safety during or after an MIAA tournament game,
please write a report of the incident.  Reports should be written immediately after the incident by each official
or the crew (all should sign a single common report).  It is imperative that we document ALL incidents.

The report should only include the facts of what happened and be void of opinions, beliefs, etc.  

Officials should provide a copy of their reports to the local board secretary, Mike Hammond and myself.  
Mike and I will see that the MIAA gets a copy and will also provide Peter Carroll copies prior to the 3/27
meeting with Jim Peters of MIAA.

We are aware of several incidents in just the first three days of the tournament and have received reports.

Please share these instructions with the officials on your board.

Thank you.
Bruce Edwards
The link to “High School Sport Schedules” to the left of this message is a good way to stay up to
date with High School schedules.  Most ADs are using this site to post updates to schedules.  Enter
the name of high school in the “Find Your School” box and it will provide a list for you to choose
from.  To simplify the search, enter only the school’s name: for example “Milford” and then select the
appropriate school for the list.
Tips and taps The following WEB site helps officials hone their knowledge and understanding of
the game.  This is accomplished through discussion of a particular rule, for example "3 seconds".  
Then you have a chance to take a quiz and view video of the rule being discussed.  You will need to
create an account on this site and log in to use the service.  Site is updated weekly during the
season.  Sponsored by IAABO at

Game officials shall complete one of the training programs approved by the
Department as specified on the Department’s website annually and shall provide independent
verification of completion of the training requirement to schools or school districts upon request.
The following link has instructions on how to register and complete the course:  NFHS -
Concussion in

2011- 2012 NFHS rule changes added to the "HS Rule Revisions" section on this page.
'2013 - '2014 Meeting Schedule: TBD

October 20 8:00 AM Monty Tech - Qualifies as two meetings
*    November 25: 7:00 PM at Milford High School Auditorium
 December  9: 7:00 PM at Milford High School Cafeteria
  January 5:
9:00 AM - joint Board meeting with Board 175 at Marlboro Boys Club  Pleasant St
  January 26: 6:30 PM at Milford High School
  February 9: 6:00 PM Board Elections/Social at Hoboken Club
  March 6: 6:00 PM Banquet at Hoboken Club

Each member is required to attend 4 out of 5 meetings during the year.
*   Interpretation Meeting - all members must attend an interpretation meeting.
** Test date - All members must take written test every season.
2012 Tests: